Why Engulf

We want to absorb our co-workers thoughts and ideas. We want them to influence the company to be what it is and what it will become. We are receptive and always strive for perfection in our work.

You will get this..

We provide our consultants with continuous education, team-building activities, kick-off’s, wellness grant and more. 

  • Education

    Continuous education, all Engulfers gets a buffert that they can spend on education each year.

  • Kick-off's

    Our kick-off's takes place all over the globe. Do you have a suggestion? Hit us up with a destination!

  • Wellness grant

    We want our co-workers to find a balance between work and spare time. You're maybe an indoor climber or a kick-boxer? Use our wellness grant for your preferred exercise.


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113 62 Stockholm Vägbeskrivning Se sida

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